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A refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages for adults. Hemp You Can Feel Mixers are based on the finest ingredients. We infuse our mixers with the patent pending Hemp You Can Feel infusion technology that utilizes no chemicals of any kind. With true water solubility, we only need to provide less than 1 milligram of hemp extract per serving. Our infusions interact with the body naturally, producing real relaxation without the negative effects of alcohol. 




We use the finest ingredients available in Hemp You Can Feel Coffee. While organic certification is not available for this type of product, 95% of our ingredients are certified organic. We use 100% organic coffee from beans we grind at our own facility. Our hemp extracts are truly unique too. We combine certified and laboratory tested hemp oil extracts into a unique infusion performed at our own laboratory. In this process, we use organic inulin derived from organic vegetables combined with trace amounts of organic vegetable oil, organic coconut oil and infused honey from organic farms. 




A special agave gummy made from the finest ingredients available anywhere! Of course, no corn syrup, artificial colors, or artificial flavors are used. In fact, we don’t use any coloring in our gummies at all. All colors of our gummies come directly from organic juices. Our natural hemp extract, CBD, and terpene processes produce a truly water-soluble infusion that acts naturally with the body allowing for greatly enhanced bioavailability.


Baja Discount Code