Baja United Beers


Handcrafted Baja Beer

Baja United is proud to offer a very unique “Baja” style craft cerveza to its portfolio. After months of tasting and sourcing the right product, Baja United is proud to launch its first Pilsner-style Lager. The true flavor of Baja is infused into every bottle, and the genuine essence of handcrafted cerveza is savored in the first sip. The Baja United Lager is scheduled to launch in 2018.

At Baja United, we understand the desire for choices in what you drink. Because we appreciate a great cerveza as much as the next person, we thought it would only be appropriate to source some of the best craft cerveza available in Baja. The art of celebration in Baja often happens with a cooler full of cold beer with your friends, enjoying the essence of adventure. It is with this in mind that we have made the decision to offer a cerveza in the first place. We truly hope you will follow along with this story and pick up a case at your local retail store for your own occasion. Stay tuned for our distribution partners to place our Baja cerveza in some of the most exclusive locations around  Southern California in the near future.