“Make a right and two left turns down a dirt road and you are there,” I am told by the waiter at the Russian Empanada restaurant down the highway. Of course, his definition of a dirt road driveway vs. mine is completely different. But you cannot mistake the rustic signs and the gate that keeps the dogs inside at Valle Girl Vino. Although at first you are not sure if this is someone’s house or place of business. The answer is simple, it’s both! And thank goodness for that as Sitara’s future daughter-in-law brings fresh bread out to the table from the kitchen. I usually arrive at Sitars place during off hours so the gates are closed and the dogs are out in the yard. I love this because it’s real life and that’s what we crave the most in humanity. Everyone scrambles to grab the dogs while yelling out to not let them out of the gate. I guess they like cats and know where they are all living locally. Apparently this is a problem since on my last visit my partner let the dogs out on accident and some quick calls were made by Sitaras son to the neighbors to keep the cats inside. “Hmmm..” I think to myself as I envision what this might have looked like if the calls were not made. Not good. Back to the property and Sitara. What most people don’t know is that Sitara will be your next best friend and the reason why you will drive to Baja in the future. She is one of the coolest people on the planet that has a dream and a winery to prove it. She is happy to tell you her story and how she got there. She will also open her patio up to you to taste some very unique blends of wine that she is extremely proud of. Look around and you will see some of the awards she has won and the story behind the labels on her bottles. This is about the time that fresh bread arrives paired with some locally produced olive oil. It’s all rather surreal and enjoyable at the same time. You completely forget about the dogs that got out because by now they are back and lying at your feet. This is the Mexico that I love and try to explain to all my friends back home. Some things you have to experience for yourself. In the meantime you can enjoy any one of her varietals sold online at www.bajaunitedwines.com


Jim Riley – CEO of Adventure