Monte Xanic Winery is the reason I believe people ask me if the Valle De Guadalupe is the next Napa Valley. Monte Xanic was the first to produce a luxury wine from Mexico recognized around the world. They have a state of the art facility with the wine to back up any and all claims.  In order to get a tour you must first obtain a reservation which is not that hard to do but don’t forget – the gate security is on point. Once you pass through the gates you will immediately notice the size of the property and the natural setting of the winery itself. On the west side of the dirt road there is a flower farm with several varietals that are seen around town on the tables. Arranged with perfection. The balance of the property is grape vines and a large water reservoir. The winery itself sits in the hillside utilizing the granite as the walls for the barrel room. There is a small cottage on the waters edge for picnics and wine tasting if you want to stay outdoors. I would highly recommend heading straight to the main tasting room and enjoy the views and some top-notch wine education. They have several varietals to choose from and I have a hard time picking a favorite. My wife is a big fan of the Calixa Cabernet Syrah, which is soft on the pallet and easy to enjoy. The winery just celebrated its 30th anniversary and they have a rich history amongst its founders. Even at this major operation that is intimidating, you can often find Hans Backhoff the owner, driving around in his new Jeep. Monte Xanic is the first partner to believe in the vision of Baja United and its mission to “Live with a Purpose”. It’s not easy to pick just one varietal from Monte Xanic so plan on grabbing a few online at We are proud to be partnered with Monte Xanic and celebrate our vision together.


Jim Riley – CEO of Adventure