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January 2018

25 JanIs This The Next Napa Valley?

Monte Xanic Winery is the reason I believe people ask me if the Valle De Guadalupe is the next Napa Valley. Monte Xanic was the first to produce a luxury wine from Mexico recognized around the world. They have a state of the art facility with the wine to back up any and all claims.  In order to get…

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25 JanWho Let The Dogs Out?

“Make a right and two left turns down a dirt road and you are there,” I am told by the waiter at the Russian Empanada restaurant down the highway. Of course, his definition of a dirt road driveway vs. mine is completely different. But you cannot mistake the rustic signs and the gate that keeps the dogs inside at Valle Girl Vino. Although at first…

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25 JanLas Nubes. You’ll Be Glad You Have Your iPhone.

One thing that I really love about traveling through the Valle De Guadalupe is that it’s not too big, which means you can see from one side to the other at the right vantage points. Part of the adventure is to spot something in the distance and just point your car in that direction. It’s not exactly how I discovered Las Nubes but as a first-time visitor, the property can easily be seen from just about anywhere in the Valle…

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25 JanRelieve. (The Name I Get Wrong Every Time)

I admit that after 30 years visiting Mexico, I’ve still yet to learn the language. However, that has never stopped me from having a great time. When a local told me about Relieve Winery, located down a long dirt road, I was all in. I’m a sucker for dirt roads and a “hidden” location. As you pull into the front gates, the first thing you see is a beautiful water reservoir with a winery set against the hillside…

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25 JanHow I Discovered Vena Cava

When I plan a trip to head south of the border, it’s all about the adventure. I head to Baja with a surfboard strapped to the top of my car or a race truck attached to the tow hitch. I speed down Highway 1, focused on the Pacific Ocean with a yearning towards something spectacular to the East. This something is the…

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