Baja California, Mexico serves both great wine and food alongside a community of inspiring culture and people. Recently, the major media has set their specific attention on the wine region of Valle de Guadalupe. Below are some recent articles found in Vogue, Sunset, the LA Times and others, featuring the future of this mystic wine region:


Explore Valle de Guadalupe Wine Country

The sky is dark, the kind of inky black that only exists without a single streetlight. We bounce down the washboard dirt road and, when it forks, turn toward our destination: the area’s best new restaurant. Or is it the other way? The road keeps twisting and branching off.
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Why You Might Want to Skip Napa and Visit Mexico’s Wine Country Instead

Excellent street food, pristine beaches, a buzzy museum scene—Mexico is known for many things, but wine isn’t necessarily one of them. That’s quickly changing thanks to Valle de Guadalupe, the country’s wine region located in the northern Baja peninsula and just two hours by car from San Diego. Compared to Napa and Sonoma, Valle offers a more low-key, less commercial, highly authentic experience. It’s the kind of place where you can watch a Michelin-starred chef grill grass-fed meat a few feet from your table or chat with winemakers during a tasting. But Valle isn’t short on style either. There are glamorous villas, pools overlooking vineyards, private wine tastings in caves,
and more.
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An Unexpected Wine Sanctuary in Baja California   


As we drove along the heavily pocked dirt road, bouncing our way through near-total darkness, with no signs to indicate the proximity to our destination — with no signs of any sort — the whites of my girlfriend’s eyes were plainly visible in the night as she murmured, “I’m not so sure about this.”
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Monte Xanic: A pioneer in the Mexican wine revolution  


Monte Xanic winery is located in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe, in Ensenada, Baja California. The company is a pioneer in the country’s winemaking revolution. For 30 years, Monte Xanic (pronounced MON-tay shah-NEEK) has consistently produced high-quality Mexico and the land in which the grapes are grown.
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Millennials Answer the Call of Mexican Wine Country


Tear yourself away from the picture-postcard Pacific views on Route 1, south of the border between California and Mexico, and you see Valle de Guadalupe undulating to the east, its Mars-like boulders and vast stretches of rose-gold-colored dirt belying the fact that there is some pretty great wine being grown here.
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