Baja United was selected by Young’s Market Company (YMCO) to be one of their suppliers of Baja Wines. After several discussions and research by both teams, Baja United received an order from YMCO for over $26,000 earlier this month. This was their opening order which included four varietals of Monte Xanic wines. The official launch will be on September 8th with all Southern California sales teams being alerted of the brand. This is an exciting partnership due to the magnitude and strength of YMCO. They are currently one of the top five distributors in the United States covering 14 Western States. This will allow for mass distribution throughout Southern California and beyond. The ability to sell through a major distributor will increase our footprint on the ground and expedite our street sales through their resources. Baja United would like to encourage all current investors to alert any potential bars, restaurants, or retail stores that they can now buy Monte Xanic wines from YMCO.

For information on YMCO:

Please email Jim Riley for any questions regarding this exciting update.